Advanced Obedience


AKC Competition Obedience - Advanced

Description: This class is geared for people/dogs who already possess a solid obedience foundation and who have successfully mastered the skills taught in Intermediate Companion Dog or a similar class. Akin to the “brush up” classes of yesteryear, this class focuses on honing the skills required for AKC competition – precision heeling, fronts and finishes, recall, stand for exam, group exercises, and additional skills depending on class need and interest.

Requirements: Successful completion of Intermediate Companion Dog or a similar class (note: If similar class, permission of instructor is required). Class size is limited to 10 dogs.

Length: 6 weeks

Cost: $85

Time: Wednesdays, 7:45 am

Instructor: Jack Thourot, (310) 377-2729

2017 Beginning Dates: January 11, March 8, May 3, July 12, September 6, November 8


Time: Wednesdays, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Instructor: Pam Regan, (310) 374-3573

2017 Beginning Dates: January 11, March 8, May 3, July 12, September 6, November 8


Location: Lomita Park, Parking Lot – North, 24428 Eshelman Ave, Lomita, CA, 90717 (map).

Registration: Sign up at the Lomita Park office located at 24428 Eshelman Avenue (map) or online.


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Sign up in person at Lomita Park:
24428 Eshelman Ave (map)
or online.

What to Bring

  • Receipt from park for proof of payment.
  • A proof of vaccinations in the form of your most recent vet receipt or a printout stating type and date of the vaccine the dog has been given. All adult dogs must have distemper and parvo and meet rabies requirements. Puppies need to have started and be up to date on the immunization process. Rabies is not required for very young puppies.
  • A well fitting collar and a 4’ to 6’ leather or nylon leash with nothing attached. No retractable or flexi leashes.
  • Bring lots of tiny treats to train your dog with. Make sure that your dog is hungry and that he loves the treats. Cheese, hot dogs, chicken, etc. work well.