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New training classes starting soon! All levels – puppy through adult, companion to competition.
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Next session starts June 29th, 2021 – Classes located at Ernie Howlett Park, RHE and Lomita Park, Lomita

Who We Are

Lomita Obedience Training Club (LOTC) is a nonprofit dog training club run by volunteers and is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California. We have been providing companion dog training and competitive sports dog training to the community since 1954.

Who is LOTC?


Our classes include puppy manners & socialization, companion dog manners, tricks, obedience and conformation. Most classes are offered through Lomita Parks and Recreation and are held in a secure, fenced area.


Our instructors are club members with years of experience and have helped hundreds of families train their dogs. They use training techniques based on positive reinforcement and marking desired behavior. They can also provide consultation services for special problems.

I’ve been a member of LOTC since 1988 but have been training dogs since I was a young girl.  I’ve also bred Miniature Pinschers and achieved a variety of competitive titles on them including a Utility AKC Obedience title.  If you know Min Pins…you know that’s not an easy accomplishment!  

LOTC provides me the opportunity to share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve developed over the years.  Especially the fact that training can be fun for you AND your dog!  The current force free methods are very effective and a great approach for achieving your goals.  I also enjoy interacting with the families from our communities and ensuring they make the best possible start with their new puppies and dogs.

Ethel Mercer

LOTC Dog Trainer

Club Objectives

  • To promote a greater interest in dog training and handling dogs in obedience competition and other dog related sports
  • To promote canine good citizenship and responsible dog ownership
  • To cultivate a high standard of good fellowship and good sportsmanship among persons interested in dogs


Membership in Lomita Obedience Training Club is open to all interested individuals who file an application with the Club Secretary, subscribe to the Club Objectives and agree to abide by the LOTC Constitution and Standing Rules. In addition, individuals are required to attend a general meeting for approval of their application and submit dues payment for the current year. Stop by our monthly meeting or contact us for more information and a club application.

Club Officers

President:  Cindy Sattler 

Vice-President: Linda Roehm 

Secretary:  Jerrianne Rousseau 

Treasurer:  Jack Thourot


Monthly Meetings

4th Thursday of each month

Socializing at 6:30 PM

Meeting starts at 7:00 PM

Lomita Park
24428 Eshelman Avenue
Lomita, CA 90717

Contact Us

(310) 530-4814

P.O. Box 1089
Lomita, CA 90717

LOTC Secretary

LOTC on Facebook

Our Location – Lomita Park