Parkour for Your Dog

Dog Obedience

AKC Competition Obedience - Beg.

Description: Parkour is all about moving through the environment in creative ways. Your dog may go over, under, on, or between natural obstacles. Safety is always a priority. The skills are great for confidence and conditioning, too. Titles are available. Parkour can make your walk an adventure! Classes may combine Introductory and Intermediate levels depending on enrollment.

Requirements: Basic/Intermediate Obedience or Instructor approval.

Length: 4, 1 hr classes

Cost: $145 (resident discount available)

Time: Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Instructor: Vita Allison, (562) 484-8049;

Beginning Dates: June 28, 2023

Location:  Ernie Howlett Park (go to the right slowly through parking lot, take sharp right at Maintenance entrance, flat area near the horse barn), 25851 Hawthorne Blvd., Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 (map).

Registration: Contact

Complete these forms and send to above email address:

LOTC Registration Form

RHE Registration Form




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What to Bring

  • Receipt from park for proof of payment.
  • A proof of vaccinations in the form of your most recent vet receipt or a printout stating type and date of the vaccine the dog has been given. All adult dogs must have distemper and parvo and meet rabies requirements. Puppies need to have started and be up to date on the immunization process. Rabies is not required for very young puppies.
  • A well fitting collar and a 4’ to 6’ leather or nylon leash with nothing attached. No retractable or flexi leashes.
  • Bring lots of tiny treats to train your dog with. Make sure that your dog is hungry and that he loves the treats. Cheese, hot dogs, chicken, etc. work well.