Puppy Development & Manners

Dog Obedience

AKC Competition Rally

Description: This class is designed to give your puppy a great start in the world by working on confidence-building, development, manners and puppy socialization. Fun and positive reinforcement, including verbal praise and treats, are the focus as you introduce your puppy to basic dog skills such as sit, down, come and stay. In addition, class exercises are structured to help build self-control and learning skills in your puppy.

At the start of the session puppies should be between the ages of 9 weeks to 6 months for most breeds. Exceptions may be made for older puppies smaller than 10 pounds.  Collars or harnesses should be leather or nylon – NO metal collars. (Please call the instructor if you have questions about this)

Requirements: Puppies 9 weeks to 6 months. Puppy must have been in your care for at least 3 weeks. Classes cannot accept dogs with aggression problems.

Length: 6, 1 hour classes

Cost: $145  (resident discount available)

Time: Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

Instructor: Ethel Mercer, (310) 755-4443, puppygames@aol.com and  Carolyn Peter, (714) 366–4887, carolyn.j.peter@gmail.com

Beginning Dates:  March 6, 2024

Location: Lomita Park, Outdoor Basketball Court, 24428 Eshelman Ave, Lomita, CA, 90717 (map).

Registration: Sign up at the Lomita Park office located at 24428 Eshelman Avenue (map) or online.


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Sign up in person at Lomita Park:
24428 Eshelman Ave (map)
or online.

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What to Bring

  • Receipt from park for proof of payment.
  • A proof of vaccinations in the form of your most recent vet receipt or a printout stating type and date of the vaccine the dog has been given. All adult dogs must have distemper and parvo and meet rabies requirements. Puppies need to have started and be up to date on the immunization process. Rabies is not required for very young puppies.
  • A well fitting collar and a 4’ to 6’ leather or nylon leash with nothing attached. No retractable or flexi leashes.
  • Bring lots of tiny treats to train your dog with. Make sure that your dog is hungry and that he loves the treats. Cheese, hot dogs, chicken, etc. work well.